Air purifier – points to remember when buying one

Nowadays air is highly polluted and in recent surveys it is known that due to high air pollution, many people are suffering from respiratory and breathing problems. Polluted air contains many fine particles of various harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulpher dioxide and carbon that is harmful for the skin, and lungs. In order to remain safe from the inhalation of polluted air it is highly recommended that you should make use of the air purifier that can clean the air of your property and provide you safe air to breathe. These air purifiers can remove all the harmful gases from the air and will provide you with clean air that is suitable for breathing.

Air purifier can also easily clean down the smoke of cigarette, pet dander, moisture, dampness and much more that is present in the surrounding environment of your home. These air purifiers can also remove the pollen, dust particles and other microorganism from air. In order to buy the air purifier you can visit heamotivation where you can get the best quality air purifier at very reasonable rates. There are many kinds of air purifiers available in the market that you can use. Each model comes with its own base price, features, specification and performance. So, you can choose air purifiers according to your needs and budget.

Things to consider while buying the air purifier for yourself

Operating cost – In order to maintain the proper running of purifiers you have to replace the filters regularly and moreover you also need to check down the cost of electricity about how much electricity it consumes daily. However, operating cost of the purifier can increase the overall purifier’s cost, so it is best if you make the following consideration before buying the purifier such as –

    • Make use of pre-filter that can capture the big particles before it reaches the HEPA filters. This will surely increase the life of your filter and you don’t need to change the filter frequently.
    • If you make use of carbon filter before HEPA then it is good if you replace it once in every three month while on the other hand change the HEPA yearly.

  • To reduce the cost of electricity consumed by purifiers you can buy the purifier that is energy efficient and consumes very less amount of energy. It is also advised that you should look for the purifier that comes with washable filters, so that you can use it again instead of replacing it.

Size of air purifier: Before buying any air purifier it is important that you should first consider the volume of the area of the room that needs to be purified. You can calculate the volume by measuring the length, width and height of the room. After getting the volume of the room, you can select the air purifier according to the total volume. Try to find such air purifier whose capacity matches best with the volume of the room.

Features available with air purifier: After choosing the size of the air purifier, you can consider the features that it provides to you. These additional features include remote usage, maneuverability, fan speed, air filtration speed, air quality sensors, digital control, programmable timer and much more. All these features comparatively can provide you with best service that you can avail with your air purifier. Using these features, you can simply control the usage, operation and performance of your air purifier. Some of the air purifiers are big and heavy so they need to be kept at a fixed place, whereas there are many models which are portable, small as well as light-weighted which can easily be carried and used at any place.

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