Always inspect your bike before going out for a ride

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You can be a professional rider or a naïve rider whosoever, it’s important to inspect the bicycle before you ride. By inspecting before you ride you will be able to make sure that it’s in a good condition or not. Importantly before you ride make sure to check the brake, air, and chain and should be done every time you take the bicycle to ride also there are some other things which you should inspect but those can be inspected less frequently. You might assume that classic bicycles are great so there is no need for inspection before the ride but it’s not right. For any type of bicycle, you need to ensure the inspection. If you spot any problems fix it on your own only if you have the maintenance knowledge if not take the bicycle to a shop. Let us read further for more information.

Why should you inspect?

Have you even seen a skilled driver in your city? If so then you know that they inspect their motorized vehicle in every single day before they go out for a ride. Similarly, when you ride your cycles on regular basis you need to do some routine check. Most of the novice traders ignore this routine check and thus they often face trouble on the busy road. If you have sound knowledge about your bike then it will hardly take 5 -10 minutes to see if everything is working fine. When you check you ride on a regular basis you are actually taking a great care of the bike. So you can expect a long term high performance from your ride. Checking things are not at all complex rather you should check some of the important elements of the bike before taking the ride.

Essential parts: before every ride, you need to inspect the brakes, chains, and the air because it will ensure your safety. If we consider about the brakes you need to inspect the performance of your brake whether it’s working properly. Next, if we consider the chains you should make sure that about the gears and check whether the chain is clean and tidy so it ensures smooth rides. Lastly, if we consider the air, it should be properly inflated. Even if you have the classic bicycles it’s a must to inspect it before you ride.

Check the bike rim: you need to check the bike rim occasionally although it’s not necessary to check it every time you go on a ride. You need to lift the bicycle and then spin the tire so then you will notice if there are any changes in the bike rim, if there are any changes you need to take it for service. When we say changes, the rims should usually be straight if it is not then you should consider it as an issue.

Check the bike gear: it’s important to focus on the bike gear so make sure that the chain transfers smoothly between gears. If there are any issues with the chains then the adjustments are needed to be made for the bike gears.  

Check the bike cranks: the arm which is attached to the pedals and to the bike is called the cranks (if you are a cyclist you would know). So, before you ride to make sure that it’s tight do not ride without checking it.

Summary: most of the time people assume when they select the classic bicycles to ride there is no need for pre-inspection but it’s totally wrong. Let it be any kind of bicycle you need to make sure that you inspect the bicycle before you take it to ride. Spending some time in checking the safety will not cost you anything, in fact, if you don’t spend some time in checking the safety then you will have to bear a large cost in the future.

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