Colt Shooting Tips for Beginners

If you are looking to shoot Colt pistols is the most effective and accurate ways then this article is for you – Today we are going to provide some top tips to enable all to get started.

The thing is, despite what you have seen in movies or read in book, shooting accurately and safely actually is pretty hard and takes a lot of focus, practice and technique to get right. Even those that have been shooting for a long time can be known to make mistakes and develop bad habits. Keep on reading to discover some great shooting tips…

Top Shooting Tips

  • You must know the rules of gun safety inside out. You should treat every gun that you handle as though it is loaded all of the time, never point your gun at anything that you do not wish to destroy, keep your finger off your guns trigger unless you intent to fire and always know your target and what is behind/around it. Following these tips is essential to all shooting, not only in order to keep yourself safe but also others around you. When shooting if you are not following these rules there is a lot of chance that you will get pulled up on your mistakes.
  • You should always use the correct and recommended ammunition for your chosen gun. Many people think that they can use any ammunition for their guns and therefore go for the cheapest available however putting the wrong ammunition in a pistol can ruin and damage weapons completely. When purchasing a gun you should always ask what the best ammunition is to use and spend that little but more to ensure that you are getting the best of the best.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking for help. You should hire an instructor to teach you the best methods of shooting. Of course you can practice by yourself as much as you want but getting help from a qualified and professional instructor is highly recommended as they will ensure you are doing everything in the best ways and point out any mistakes that you may be making.
  • Always aim to improve. Making people think that once they have got the hang of shooting that’s it. However people can always improve and should continue to practice even when they think that they cannot get any better. Practice loading and unloading your magazine or chamber, practice different stances, practice dry-firing, practice shooting with both eyes and practice using different targets.


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