Features and technologies of TenPoint Crossbow

Crossbow is an advanced type of bow and arrow weapon. Its bow is fixed to a mount called as tiller or stock. It enables the bow to remain loaded even it is not in use. It is mainly used to shoot projectiles like bolts and quarrels. Now they are coming with modern TenPoint Crossbow Technologies. Light crossbows can be drawn manually but heavy crossbows require mechanical devices for construction such as hinged levers, cranequins and windlasses. Crossbows are available in wide range depending upon the size and energy, acceleration system and degree of projectiles.

Recurve crossbow: It is a bow with curved tips and provides a greater acceleration to the projectile. While shooting from it they make much noise.

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Compound crossbow: Its limbs are stiffer as compared to recurve crossbow. Therefore to operate its firing mechanism less energy is required.

Crossbow technologies

In recent years, many crossbow technologies have been introduced. Some are discussed below

RCX bow assembly: Reverse Cam Crossbow assembly has been built for speed and efficiency of crossbows. It includes the features of Carbon Fantom RCX and Eclipse RCX and enables the hunter to deliver much more speed with minimum required weight. Moreover, hunter is given an ultra quiet and smooth shooting experience.

Cocking mechanisms: These mechanisms are used to cock a crossbow in an efficient and accurate manner. Hunters are not required to use extra strength in order to operate it. Efficient and user-friendly aids are provided which reduces a crossbow’s draw weight to a great extent.

DFI technology: Patented Dry-Fire-Inhibitor eliminates the injury or damage caused during crossbow firing. Since when the flight deck has no arrow loaded on it then DFI prevents dry firing your crossbows. This technology was introduced by TenPoint in 1996.

Patented Grip Safety: It is added as a safety measure in crossbows. It prevents the fingers of the hunter form going above the stock’s top portion of the crossbow and helps to place it in proper position while pulling the trigger. Thus the hunter does not get hurt while shooting.

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