Five A-Side Football in London

About 5ASIDE.ORG, 5-a-side football leagues

Five-a-side football is alive and well especially in the London area; thanks, in large part, being due to 5ASIDE.ORG. 5-ASIDE.ORG offer a hassle-free opportunity for individuals, in and around London, to participate in the most ‘beautiful game’ of football. That also include 6-a-side, 7-a-side and even 8-a-side formats.

5ASIDE.ORG organise a large number of leagues and an even larger number of teams; with a phenomenal number of venues (currently 27), there has to be a team within travelling distance for most Londoners. Go to the 5ASIDE.ORG website for a full list of venues.

Both, individuals, and existing teams, can go online to register; teams are allocated to a league, individuals introduced to teams looking for players, and they also offer 5 aside football tournaments in London.

Why choose 5-a-side football?

5ASIDE.ORG caters for all ages and abilities, from budding Lionel Messi’s to more sedate knobbly-kneed seniors. AND GREAT NEWS, there’s now a woman’s league about to be launched!

The benefits of playing 5-a-side are:

  • It’s a sociable team sport, an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.
  • It’s a great way to get fit and keep fit!
  • It’s therapeutic; helps bolster confidence and generate ‘team spirit’.
  • It helps with balance and coordination; foot-to-ball coordination, mostly.
  • It can be either, just simply fun, or fun and yet extremely competitive.

5-a-side footie, is, understandingly, a sport for all generations and now, thankfully, all genders.

What do I need to get started?

The answer is, not a lot. Primarily you’ll need the will and the wherewithal to click on this link to 5ASIDE.ORG, find the registration section and go for it!

Don’t be intimidated, the site is clearly laid out with a sign up/sign in link at the top of the page and a ‘contact us’ option should you have any queries.

5ASIDE.ORG will get you introduced to a team, or your team introduced to an appropriate league. All the venues, balls, nets, bibs etc. are supplied. Oh, nearly forgot, and a properly qualified FA referee!

The playing surfaces are all maintained to a good standard; some leagues have state-of-the-art, slick synthetic pitches.

You will be given all the necessary advice as to footwear and general attire, rest assured, nothing too imposing.

As 5-A-SIDE.ORG rightly claim, it’s all hassle-free! You don’t need to fret, nothing to organise, just get yourself to the venue on time for kick-off!

In conclusion

5-A-SIDE.ORG provide the perfect platforms for virtually anyone in London to get actively involved in the football phenomena. That’s Central, North, South, East and West London!

5-a-side is the perfect team sport, exercise, skill, agility and sociability are all features that contribute to a feeling of achievement and wellbeing.

Don’t be left out in the cold, join in today! Register yourself, or your team, by following the link to 5-A-SIDE.ORG.

Or, maybe you are a qualified ref? In which case your skills may well be appreciated.

Get in touch with 5-A-SIDE.ORG and stay in touch with yourself.


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