Former Women’s Champion Resigns With WWE

Mickie James made her go back to the WWE the very first time since 2010 back at NXT Takeover: Toronto when she was put facing the unstoppable pressure from the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. Mickie was not able to defeat japan sensation, but she did placed on a reasonable reveal that Triple H apparently was available to resigning the previous Women’s Champion to the organization.

Mickie had already announced many Independent dates for the coming year, therefore it was unlikely the former TNA Knockout could be available to signing with the organization again, shockingly it had been announced today that Mickie has signed a multi-year cope with the organization that they initially debuted with in 2005.

The present thought is the fact that Mickie is going to be coming back to WWE in The month of january included in the SmackDown brand, exactly the same brand she was part of before her exit from the organization greater than six years back.

It will likely be interesting to determine how WWE handle the problem since her ex-fiance Kenny Dykstra anf the husband whom she cheated on him with John Cena are generally also area of the Blue Brand.

The idea was that Mickie would rather mind to Raw, the company that they required over during her feuds with Trish Stratus and Melina in older days. Raw’s women’s division has arrived at individuals heights once more, and Mickie could possibly have added a lot more to that particular division than she will on SmackDown.

SmackDown’s women’s division can use someone with Mickie’s experience because they are still lagging behind with regards to rivaling The Raw women. Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss need to be considered the primary attractions around the SmackDown brand at this time and because of the reception Mickie received in Toronto, it might be safe to visualize that they could be coming back like a face.

After Alexa defeats Becky Lynch in her own rematch, it might be a good idea whether it was someone like Mickie who walked up and challenged The Pocket Rocket to some match in the Royal Rumble. Alexa continues to be probably the most improved person in the women’s division and also, since Nikki is busy together with her own storyline at this time, it might be the Women’s title picture that Mickie would walk into.

Mickie would be also the right person for Avoi Marie to utilize when she finally makes her go back to the organization, there’s lots of understanding for Mickie to pass through onto a novice like Avoi and she or he would certainly learn so much from dealing with her. WWE make a bold decision in getting back Mickie James in the end from the backstage problems she caused prior to her exit in 2010.

There’s even the storyline that Mickie was involved with known as ‘Piggy James’ that was a heavily criticised storyline since WWE were promoting this that it’s alright to bully someone according to their size. It had been leaked that creative had chose to make this storyline up in an effort to punish Mickie simply because they had informed her to shed weight and she or he declined.

Mickie endure the tale but left the organization not lengthy after, so it’s a surprise to a lot of that they will make coming back following the way she was treated. Mickie is someone different now, she’s happily married and it has lately created her first child, she is not exactly the same immature lady she was six years back, for it to be interesting to determine what role she plays on WWE TV.

Mickie’s stalker gimmick was among the best female figures that WWE has ever endured and also the storyline it began with Trish Stratus were able to last for over a year and required within the female division in those days. Mickie demonstrated that they had what must be done to challenge each other with Lita and Trish, and can she have the ability to hang using the newest females?

She demonstrated that they may go foot-to-foot with Asuka a couple of days ago, however the women’s division has altered a great deal in the last couple of many it certainly is not exactly the same roster that they created a couple of years back. It will likely be interesting to find out if she continues to fit in.

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