Get involved – play Netball Games in London

Did you know that between April 2015 and March 2016 over 164,000 people played netball? The number since then has continued to increase, and no more so than in London, the UK’s best place to be for social netball groups.

The history of netball is a pretty incredible story. Originating from the ideas brought forward by basketball, netball is a sport dominated by women and recognised for some top players. Australia and New Zealand boast a number of professional sportswomen in this category, so it’s time for some British talent to shine through!

But even if your goal is to not play netball professionally, there are a number of benefits from joining your local netball team. So where can we play social netball games in London?

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For one, overcoming challenges is one of the key attributes in any good netball player – you literally need to think on your feet. This sport gives you vital skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving and teamwork – you really can’t win a netball match if you don’t work well with your teammates.

Joining a netball group in London opens up new opportunities to make lasting friendships, as well as the major benefit of any social sporting group – exercise and keeping fit and healthy. Why test your boredom limits on a treadmill at a gym when you can stay fit and have fun at the same time?

Netball – what else you need to know

The main aspect of joining a netball team is adhering to one cardinal rule: commitment. Joining a league is not the same as attending a dance class, for example. With other classes, it’s not too bad if you don’t turn up at the last minute, but as with any team sport, netball groups need all players to commit to attending as much as they can.

What’s great about commitment is you know yourself who your team is so you can jump straight in once you’ve settled into the sport. There’s nothing quite like a netball team completely in sync with one another’s movements and thoughts once in a match, and it could make all the difference between a glorious win and a disappointing defeat.

Now you know what’s expected of you, the only thing you need to bring to your first game is appropriate clothing and footwear and bags of energy and enthusiasm!

Fit, fun, and friendly sport? Great, where can I sign up?

Joining professionally-run leagues such as Netbusters will give you all the advice and answers you need. From fees to fixtures, their helpful and friendly site can settle any questions you might have before deciding to join.

So what are you waiting for? Join today and start your sporting journey on taking part in netball games in London!

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