How to get Great Golf Membership Deals

Who hasn’t fancied joining a golf club but was put off by extortionate prices? Or perhaps the thought of all the off-course politics or staying at only golf club was a barrier to joining up? Well, in this article we’re going to let you into a massive secret – an innovative way to get great golf membership deals.

There is a better way to join a golf club – and flexible golf membership schemes are it.

In addition to getting great golf membership deals, you also have flexibility and a greater variety to your golf life – so isn’t that worth considering?

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How a flexible golf membership scheme works

Rather than joining just one specific golf club – with it’s stuffy off-course socialising and expensive fees – you will get far better golf membership deals by joining a flexible golf membership scheme.

Golf membership schemes work by providing the same benefits as traditional golf club membership, but by allocating points into a program rather than an annual membership at a club.

It’s completely up to you how to use your points, as you are free to choose many different golf clubs to play on. As an example of how good golf membership deals flexible schemes are, for around £325 per year you can obtain up to 50 rounds of golf.

So if you prefer one particular course or golf club, you could use your points to play there regularly, or if not, choose different clubs to play on as your points allow.

Why a golf membership scheme is a great deal

In addition to providing you one of the best golf membership deals available in the country today, there’s even more benefits.

  1. If you prefer to play more, simply ‘top up’ with points and truly ‘pay as you play’.
  2. If you really like one golf club, you can nominate that as your ‘home club’ and play there just as regularly as traditional members can.
  3. You can also gift your points to invite friends, work colleagues or family to join you to play golf without needing to join the golf club as members.
  4. Golf membership schemes are extremely affordable as you only pay for what you need – your initial points allocation – so it’s not like a ‘traditional’ golf club membership where you pay annually even if you only play once.
  5. Vouchers can also purchased as gifts, incentives or prizes to enable others to share the joy of the golf, without them needing any financial commitment.

So if you’re looking for terrific golf membership deals, don’t you owe it to yourself to look into a golf membership scheme rather than join just one golf club? You will save money, and whether you choose to play primarily at the same club – or play away at different clubs – your points and flexible membership scheme will be far more advantageous.

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