Look good, feel good – and play better golf

Golf can be quite a mental game. As much as the technique of your swing and the stance of your legs during putting across the green and driving down the fairways has a say, so does the way you feel about your game in your head and the plans you have in your mind. Looking good, dressing the part and playing better golf can have a positive influence on this sort of thing. Believe it or not, when you are dressed in some nice threads – and you just feel solid about your image – then a stronger and more fruitful golf score will all but come naturally.

Tread carefully

Just like one would not go into a baseball game without the correct cleats, or a rugby match without the right boots, or a cricket fixture without the specific spikes, you really should not go into a round of golf without selecting the correct pair of golf shoes. The wrong attire for your feet can really break your game, and you just don’t want that happening during a vital 18 holes that could galvanise a friendship or business deal. So, indeed, tread carefully when looking for the correct shoes to put on the feet that are going to put in plenty of miles across fairways vast and varied.

The clubs

Whether you have a full range in your bag for a full 18 holes or just opt for something smaller as you are only going to play nine holes, it is quite important that you have selected the right ones. A putter, of course, is a must, but how many woods and irons you carry with you is entirely up to you, but you would do quite well to really consider the amount. After all, is carrying one or two clubs less really going to lighten your load that much, or is it just best taking the whole array so that you are not found wanting the club you left at home or in the clubhouse when it really counts?

Who you play with

It’s always interesting observing who is playing with you during a round of golf. Sometimes there is no sports motivation between your companions at all, because you are really just there for a nice couple of hours on the greens. Other times, yes, there is motivation – and golf is a great way to fix a deal or bed in a contract during important business contracts and negotiations. Perhaps you are with your boss, or maybe you are with a very important colleague that could have a big say in your upcoming salary review – it’s all pertinent in these scenarios. A the end of the day, or in this case the end of the round, once that all-important 18th hole is sunk, this sort of circumstance could play out into the week and beyond, when your golf games and the chats you had during it turn out to be effective and signal a great way forward for you and the company. There is, obviously, so much to consider – so do so and be pleased.

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