Skirmish Airsoft Rules

 When playing Skirmish, a popular airsoft game, there are rules and regulations which need to be adhered to at all times. If players decide to ignore rules, this can result in them being removed from the game and in some cases even the airsoft site. Rules and regulations are in place to ensure that all involved are able to have an enjoyable experience, and today we are going to discuss the rules to provide all with a basic understanding.

The Bang Rule

If you get incredibly close to one of your opponents (within 3 metres) you should NOT shoot them, instead you should shout BANG. This rule is often put in place to avoid people getting injured. If you have even been shot from less than 2 metres away you will be happy about this rule. 


Re-spawning rules can vary from games to game, depending on what leaders choose to put in place. Generally however one rule is:

  • Return to the nearest respawn point before re-joining the game. These points are provided before any game commences.

Head Shots

When looking to shoot someone always aim for their body or limbs, and never their head. Headshots can be dangerous and must be avoided where possible and sometimes people can be penalised for shooting other in the head.

Safe Zone

Safe zones must be provided for people. In these zones all weapons must be safe ad unloaded; even dry firing is not acceptable in these zones

Clothing and Eye Protection

When in an airsoft game, eye protection should ALWAYS be worn, unless in safe zones. Full face protection is recommended but not required. Footwear boasting good ankle support is also recommended as Skirmish often takes place in woodland where surfaces are uneven.

When Hit

Once you have been hit while playing Skirmish you must shout HIT, otherwise you could risk being shot again unnecessarily.

Game Play

  • Do not stay at re-spawn points for longer than necessary  and if you see someone else doing this you should inform a marshal
  • If you think someone is ignoring your hits you should not shout and swear at them, instead you should inform a marshal
  • If you decide to reload in the game area you can still get hit so make sure you go to advised spots
  • Do not stand around chatting to your friends, take the game seriously at all times

These are only some of the rules too, rules vary from game to game so it is important for leaders to ensure that all involved are aware of the rules before the game commences. The main thing to remember is to follow the rules and have fun!



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