The Fledgling Canadian Cricket Betting Market 

Even though Canada was one of the first countries to participate in playing cricket in the early 18th century, the development of the sport within the country since then has been slow. Canada was a colony of the British Empire between 1763 and 1867, and unlike other countries that were also formerly under the dominion of British rule, Canada did not adopt cricket as a major sport.

Cricket remains a minor sport in the country, but there has been a significant rise in this sports development within the country, as well as a marked interest in placing wagers on cricket by many Canadian punters.

A Rise in Popularity

As Canada has developed in recent history, the country has seen an influx of immigrants from cricket crazed countries such as Sri Lanka, India and the West Indies which has changed the sporting landscape of the country. While Lacrosse and Ice Hockey remain the national summer and winter sports of the country, cricket has taken off in a big way. Many more people are playing cricket on a recreational level, and as such interest in the sport has spiked on an international level as well.

Recently the rights were bought to broadcast international cricket events in Canada, and steps have been taken to increase the level of play of the national cricket team. While the Canadian cricket team does not participate in Test matches, they do participate in One Day Internationals and there has also been a noticeable increase in attendance at these matches.

Getting Started with Cricket Betting

Owing to all of the developments mentioned above, it will come as no surprise that punters in Canada have also increased the level of interest in betting on the sport in the country. International sports betting is big business in Canada, and many of the most reputable online sportsbooks report that punters in Canada make up between 8-15% of their entire customer base.

If you’re keen to join the millions of other Canadians participating in cricket betting, you’ll firstly have to find an online sportsbook which caters to your needs. Read sportsbook reviews which will advise you on the best of the best, but also on which sites are best avoided. Once you’ve decided and have successfully created an account, take a look at the wide range of cricket betting options. If you’ve never participated in sports betting NZ, be sure to take a look at the types of cricket betting options detailed below, which should help you get off to a running start.

Types of Cricket Bets to Choose From

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of cricket bets available to choose from, they are some of the most popular, especially with punters in Canada.

Match betting: this is the simplest and also the most popular of cricket bets, and involves a wager on which team you think will be the match victor.

Futures: with futures betting, a wager will be placed ahead of the start of a big international cricket tournament such as the ICC World Cup, and will involve correctly predicting which team will be the overall tournament victor.

Exotics: an exotic bet also known as a proposition bet, is a wager placed on an in-game occurrence which does not necessarily affect the outcome of the game. The best online sportsbooks will have a wide range of prop bets to choose from, and will include wagers on top batsman or bowler, or even something as obscure as which batsman will be the first to be bowled out.

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