The Green Bay Packers & Its Loyal Fan Base Since 1960

One of the most famous teams of Wisconsin is The Green Bay Packers. This is one of the oldest teams that have been playing in the NFL in the USA. Ardent fan of this team Sandy Petrocelli says that he not only keeps track of the recent updates and news of The Green Bay Packers but he is impressed with its loyal fan base since 1960. No matter how the Packers play the tickets to their matches have been sole out since 1960. This is an amazing feat since the team has locally the smallest market when it comes to TV viewing of their matches.

Longest waiting list in NFL…

The waiting lists for their seasonal matches are also one of the longest in the NFL. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the number of names on this list is over 86,000 and this is more than the total seats available for seating at The Lambeau Stadium. This means if you wish to watch a match of The Green Bay Packers, you need to wait for approximately 30 years.

There are only 90 tickets or so that are given out to fans every year. If you calculate the odds, this implies it will take approximately 955 years before a new name is written on this list and gets their turn to watch the team live in action. The interesting part of The Green Bay Packers tickets are they are so popular that their season tickets are written as wills to newborns or the next of kin so that they optimistically get a chance to have their names listed on the seasonal waiting list of The Green Bay packers!

The Origins of Cheesheads

The fans of The Green Bay Packers are referred to Cheeseheads and this is a nickname that has been given to the residents of Wisconsin due to the huge and rich production levels of cheese in the state. However, this nickname was not one that was given to fans adorably. It was actually an insult that was showered on the fans during a 1987 match between the Milwaukee Brewers and The Chicago White Sox. However, instead of taking the name as an insult, fans of The Green Bay Packers feel a sense of pride when they are referred to as Cheeseheads. This led to the birth of the bright orange Cheeseheads hats that fans sport as a regular fixture at their games. The shape of these hats is triangular and they look like a piece of cheese!

Though it is hard to get to see their favorite players live in action at stadiums, Sandy Petrocelli says that the team has an innovative way to stay in touch with its loyal fan base. The training camps at Don Hutson Center help them to connect with young fans. The younger aged fans are allowed their bikes to be brought in the training camp and get their favorite players to ride them from the locker room to the Ray Nitschke Field where the players practice. The kids feel happy and the team members are able to get the unique chance to connect with the new generation.

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