Tips to Help You Organise a Charity Football Match

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Football has been one of the most popular games in the world. The popularity is even more due to the fact of the huge number of countries that play football. In addition to this, the Football World Cup which takes place after every four years, in general, has been rightly referred to as “The Greatest Show on the Earth”. Thus, it can be clearly understood how popular the game of football is. Hence, if you are planning to organize a charity match, a charity football match would be the ideal option in this regard. Football trophies need to be given as awards to the winner at the end of the charity match. Organising a charity football match would be extremely helpful in raising more funds since a football match can attract more number of people as compared to other games. This is because of the popularity of football. Apart from the trophies, you also need other preparations for the proper organization of the match in a smooth manner.  Following a few essential steps in this regard would be very helpful for organizing the charity match.

  • The first thing to do is to plan for a date of the football match. While selecting the date, you should be very careful and schedule it on the weekends to attract more spectators.
  • The next thing to do would be to search for a good venue. As your intention is raising funds for charity, you need to look out for a venue that is free of cost. In this regard, you can check out with the local council to check whether you can use a public park as the venue. If you do not get one, then opt for a venue which is cheap.
  • After the venue is decided, you need to look out for the players for the formation of two teams. It is to be kept in mind that having star players would attract more number of spectators. You need to approach some of the star players and persuade them to play for free for the noble cause.  
  • Ultimately, you should keep in mind the main intention which is to raise money for charity. So, you should be able to sell as many tickets as you can for the spectators so that more amount of money can be raised for charity.

All these preparations will undoubtedly need a quite a lot of time and hence it is recommended to begin with the preparatory steps well in advance to complete everything on time.


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