Why is Greyhound Racing here to stay?

Greyhound Racing is a competitive spectator sport where trained greyhounds race around a race track. In countries such as Australia, Mexico and some in the European Union, greyhound racing is a sports people can bet on just like horse racing. However, in the gambling industry, greyhound racing is not as profitable as horse racing.

History of Greyhound Racing

The first recorded attempt at making greyhounds race on a straight track was made beside the Welsh Harp reservoir in Hendon, England in the year 1876.The modern form of greyhound racing is called track racing, and this was developed after the invention of an artificial lure by Owen Patrick Smith, in the year 1912.The artificial lure travels ahead of the dogs until they cross the finish line.

The first dog racing track was opened in the year 1919 by O.P. Smith in Emeryville, California. The track had stood around it for people to watch the race. Charles Munn brought the mechanical lure and oval track systems in Britain in the year 1926, but it did not gain much popularity. After some initial hiccups, he formed the Greyhound Racing Association with other notable enthusiasts by raising GBP 22,000.The first British greyhound race was organized at the Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester and by 1927 greyhound racing became a popular industry with races being held across forty tracks in the country.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhound racing started in the year 1930.Similar to horse racing, betting here is done on the basis of on-course bookmakers or totalisators. Pari-mutuel gambling is present where the agency takes a cut and distributes the winnings amongst the punters. Although there was a fall in organized betting after the 1960 UK Betting and Gaming Act permitted off-course betting in cash, the limited amount of television coverage and sponsorship has led to a steep decline in off-course betting, and it has become organized ever since.

Popularity of the sport

Greyhound Racing is more popular among the youth than older adults who indulge more in horse races. The sport is really popular in Australia where 18% of the youth wagered on greyhounds in the year 2015.With the betting on horse races falling from 34.2% to 24% and betting on greyhounds increasing to 18% from 3.2%, it can be said without a doubt that Greyhound Racing is surely here to stay. The reasons why the youth is choosing Greyhound Races over Horse Races are.

  • The young generation is busier, and they do not have time for lengthy horse races, rather fast paced greyhound races are quicker for them. They seem to understand Greyhound racing odds quicker than complicated horse racing odds.
  • In Greyhound Racing trainers do not take part in the race but in Horse Racing Jockeys ride the horse, so there is human element present. This is absent in Greyhound Racing, so it seems more natural and entirely depends on the skill of the animal.
  • Betting on Greyhound Racing is not as pricey as horse racing, so it’s easy for the youth to bet on it rather than horses.
  • Greyhound Racing is not at all predictable, and it can’t be rigged as there is no human involvement in the actual race.
  • Greyhound races are much faster in the sense that there is very little time wasted in between races to its full on entertainment.
  • It’s easier to bet on Greyhound racing as the variables are less and not much strategizing is required before placing a bet. Whereas in a horse race weight of the horse, the jockey, number of entries and equipment are just some of the variables that a punter needs to have a clear understanding of to make sure that his wager will not get lost.

Life Post Racing

A greyhound can be kept as a pet and adopted once it retires or is injured. They are really beautiful dogs and are very good pets. They are gentle and friendly dogs. Once the racing is over many greyhounds are placed in care homes. Adoption groups, funded by donations adopt them and they can are used for dog show purposes.

As Greyhound racing flourishes at the cost of Horse Racing. It can be said that Greyhound Racing is definitely here to stay. It is loved by the youth, and statistically, people are betting more on Greyhounds than on Horses. Greyhound Racing is more widespread than Horse Racing and is a massive crowd pull. People in Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, Australia, UK, and Ireland come in huge numbers to watch these lovely dogs race to the finish line. Greyhound racing had evolved a long way from the early days when there were not good tracks and courses, and the dogs were kept in unhealthy conditions. The dogs are now given much more care and attention than earlier. With all these measures in place, there is only a bright future for Greyhound racing. Click here to know more.

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